Our Pond and My Quilt

Our Pond and My Quilt
Lost Corner Quilt 1987-2010

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Jane BOW, Orange Marmalade, Lemoncello and Iris

H-4 Abbey's Eyes
It is the first week of March and my white California native iris are blooming; they always bloom on March 6. This year it was March 9. Yesterday we bought 5 fruit trees and will plant them when we return from Allyson's. We canned our home-brewed lemoncello on Tuesday. Yesterday we started orange/lemon marmalade and will cook it and can it today. Here is my Dear Jane block of the week. The other exciting garden news is my yellow orchid is blooming. I will havee to repot the iris in April and adjust the amount of light they get by moving them around in the garden. The orchid in the house we got three weeks ago is still blooming.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Jane K-2 BOW for February 27

Here is my Dear Jane block of the week. It is really amazing how imperfect it is, considering how hard I try for perfection. I have now finished 76 blocks out of 169 so I am almost a half way point. I would like to try to do more than one a week so I can get to the half way point in early April. My piece count is 1178.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Jane Progress - Block of the Week February 20

K-13 Brandon's Star
 I am now at 75 blocks and 1138 pieces and have spent between 450-500 hours to date. I need to get some more fabric.

51st Meeting Anniversary-Cherry Pie Walk and Vow Renewal in Bora Bora

We did our Washington Birthday 51st meeting anniversary Cherry Pie Walk and trip yesterday. We drove to Landers in the high desert (about an hour drive) and had a personal and very informative tour of Gublers Orchids. We learned a lot. Then we bought a beautiful 4-spray rose pink orchid (very much like Mom had).

On the way back we stop at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. However, it was so cold and there was hail, we ate our picnic in the car. We drove home, did our walk on the Butler-Adams trail (2.6 miles) and came home and had our Cherry pie with Champagne in our dining room. I tried this morning, although in vain, to find a picture of our first Washington Birthday Pie walk in Maryland, but have not been successful so far. I can't believe we don't have a picture. We are going to try another walk today and another pie too! While my pie is not very beautiful, it is delicious.

Sunday - Did our second pie walk today in Morango Canyon. Weather much warmer. Then had our second pie.

This afternoon Allyson and Mike who are on their second honeymoon in Bora Bora renewed their vows on the beach. It was Allyson's surprise to Mike. They sent a picture. Oh I wish we could have been there. Allyson got a dress for $99 and got Mike a linen suit. How exciting. Makes us want to have our 50th in Bora Bora.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Gardening News-Orchids and Yertle

The exciting news is my Cymbidium yellow orchid plant that I got at the Orchid show in Costa Mesa in February 2002? will be blooming. It hasn't bloomed since 2004. I am very excited. My Mom had Cymnbidium orchids and I remember one Easter she sent me a spray from her plants.It lasted for 5 or 6 weeks. I am very excited. I need to learn more about growing orchids in S. California.

Grapes-I got 3 grape plants yesterday but I think I am going to see if I can order some that are higher quality. Also got several six packs of lettuces.

We spent 5 horus working in the garden to solve some watering issues. Still have problems.

 Yertle -We continue to see Yertle. Yesterday he found the rock we have in the pond and sat on it but as soon as I went into the graden he went back into the water. When the water gets warmer we are going to set up a larger rock area.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Jane BOW 2-13-11 D-4 Crystal Star

Here is my Dear Jane BOW. I now have completed 74 blocks and 1113 pieces.

Valentines Day and Yertle

Got my story, A Nice boy from Stanford, posted on SCN e-circle writing group this am. Yeah. Agonized all too long about it. Just do it, Arlene! The story will appear in my memoir View From The Scaffold. Been working on my memior for several years now. This year for my birthday in June I will bind a draft copy.  Here is the photo I am thinking about for the cover. The story tells of how Alan and I met 51 years ago.
Got a 6 pack of artichoke plants and cilantro planted yesterday.


We have a turtle; we named him Yertle. We put him in the pond with a net. It is Dad’s Valentine’s gift.